Yesterday, I have participated in a Techshop class about 3D printing.

Before this class, I never worked with this type of machine; it was really new for me.

So, before this class I had different goals:

  • Firstly the most important: to understand how 3D printing machines work in order to be able to use these after the class.
  • Another goal I set before the class was to ask any questions I had during the class.

Concerning the best part of this class; like I said before I had never participated in this type of class, it was completely new for me, so I was very interested because I love discovering new things and new experiences.

The hardest part was that the teacher gave us a lot of information during 2 hours, so I had to be very concentrated.

Thanks to this class, I learnt how to use the 3D printing machines; I learnt about settings we have to do on software in order to obtain what we want at the end of the process.

I can say I achieved the goals I set before the class because I asked to the teacher any questions I had in order to have a clear understanding of this new class. Now, with practice, I feel I ‘m able to use this machine.

To finish, the most interesting person I met was the teacher, because he was professional and gave us very clear instructions. Also he’s passionate about the 3D printing, that’s drawn my attention to this class.